Stun Baton (The Peacemaker)

The Peacemaker Stun Baton



10 days

The heft of a billy-club and the sting of an electroshock weapon, the Peacemaker 6,000,000 is our top-of-the-line stun baton. This stun baton measures 14.25" in length, making it short enough to carry around but long enough to keep attackers at bay. If a club isn't intimidating enough, then the Peacemaker's bright, electric pulsating current will be. The grab-guard stun strips will also shock anyone dumb enough to attempt and take this weapon from you.

Stun Baton Features

  • Rechargeable (recharging chord included) 
  • Grab Guard stun strips that prevent someone from taking the device from you
  • Armorized rubber coating
  • LED flashlight on the unit
  • Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • 14.25" long
  • Lifetime warranty

Warranty Information

The Peacemaker Stun Baton is backed by the manufacturer for as long as you own the device. If it breaks, will arrange a new one to be shipped to you.

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