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The TASER X26C is the Civilian model of the X26 available to law enforcement, utilizing the same technologies. The difference between the two is that the TASER X26C has a 15-foot range while the law enforcement model has a range up to 35 feet.


Our TASER X26C Package Includes:

  • 1 TASER X26C
  • 6 Air Cartridge Reloads with a 15-foot range
  • 1 Informative 38-minute Training Video on DVD
  • 1 Certificate for a one-on-one Training Class with a certified TASER officer
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Practice Target
  • 1 Digital Power Magazine (DPM) with a 10-year shelf life

Advanced Features:

  • Proven NeuroMuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Delivers a shock for 10 seconds.  As an added feature, if the user squeezes the trigger two more times after firing, the X26C will deliver a shock for 30 seconds, allowing extra time for the user to escape danger.
  • Shaped Pulse™ Technology that penetrates clothing as much as 1/2 inch thick
  • Reload in less than 2 seconds
  • Power Magazine provides up to 150 uses with a 10-year shelf life
  • Integrated laser sight with configurable settings
  • Central Information Display (CID) that indicates countdown timer during an activation, battery level and warranty information
TASER X26C | X26 Civilian | $879.00 plus Free Shipping

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The TASER X26C is a software upgradable, Electronic Control Device (ECD). The TASER X26C was modeled after the law enforcement TASER X26. Utilizing the same technology as our proven law enforcement models, the X26C has incredible take down power.